Recommendations for Storing and Serving Your Shortbread

Our shortbread should be refrigerated immediately upon arrival, and is best enjoyed within the first seven days after delivery or pickup.

We recommend enjoying it at room temperature but cold is great too! Our shortbreads can also be frozen for up to three months, in a freezer safe/airtight storage container.

Our pan size is 8.6 ”x 6″ and can serve four to eight people.

For easy slicing and serving we recommend removing your shortbread from the tin by expanding the corners of the tin and gently popping it out.

For Buttercream & Glazed Shortbread: – Do NOT cut cold, serve and slice only at room temperature

For all chocolate topped shortbreads we recommend refrigerating for a minimum of one hour prior to slicing in order to firm up the chocolate.

Then take a knife or metal spatula to score around the edge of the tin to separate the chocolate from the edge. Expand the corners of the tin and gently pop it out. Viola!